The Genre’s Structural Model

The Near Future Genre opens an opportunity for authors, agents, and publishers to satisfy a largely unexploited market need – a bridge between non-fiction and fiction. The ability to publish fiction based on current science, ecological conditions, and economic / political systems provides readers the opportunity to experience possible futures.

  • Economic Models: Business Restructuring, Capitalistic Rebuild, etc.
  • InfoTech: Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, etc.
  • BioTech: Bio-Weapons, Bio-Engineering, Human Enhancement, etc.
  • Societal Models: Social Structures, Species Integration, etc.
  • Political Models: Alternative Regimes, Bureaucratic Systems, etc.
  • Celestial Themes: Colonize Planets, Extra Terrestrial Integration, etc.
  • Ecological Themes: Ecological Restoration, GHG Reduction, etc.