Marketing Opportunities

The Near Future Genre is focused on a large segment of the world’s population searching for potential future outcomes from current reality, both positive and negative. An author writing under the genre, or an agent focused on the genre, might access a large and growing reader base.

The primary advantage for the author might include an enhanced ability to attract the attention and support of an agent, and/or publisher.

Features / Benefits for Publishers

Business development is more difficult with the advent of on-demand publishing and e-readers impacting the publishing sector. The proposed genre might provide publishers with the following:

  • Achieve early market share through the establishment of a new high demand genre,
  • Ability to develop focused marketing for a large market,
  • The go-to publisher for a new genre,
  • Improved sales volume and gross margin per unit,
  • Tighter and more mutually beneficial working relationship with agents and authors, and
  • Movie and TV Series opportunities.

Features / Benefits for Book Agents

Agents, as with everyone in the competitive publishing industry, might want to consider a potential competitive advantage – being among the first to focus on an evolving marketing opportunity. The Near Future Genre might present that opportunity.

  • Opens an opportunity for nonfiction authors to provide alternative futures through fiction,
  • Maintaining writing consistency through a set of writing guidelines (works well for Harlequin novels),
  • A useful marketing tool when seeking a cooperative venture with publishers,
  • Improves working relationships with publishers,
  • Improves ability to become involved with publishers’ marketing program,
  • Unique access to a large and evolving reader base,
  • Opportunity to become an e-book provider,
  • Go-to agent for a unique genre, and
  • Improved contractual terms and conditions with authors and publishers.