The Genre’s Structural Model

The Near Future Genre opens an opportunity for authors, agents, and publishers to satisfy a largely unexploited market need – a bridge between non-fiction and fiction. The ability to publish fiction based on current science, ecological conditions, and economic / political systems provides readers the opportunity to experience possible futures.

Near Future Genre Story Content Model
  • Economic Models: Business Restructuring, Capitalistic Rebuild, etc.
  • InfoTech: Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, etc.
  • BioTech: Bio-Weapons, Bio-Engineering, Human Enhancement, etc.
  • Societal Models: Social Structures, Species Integration, etc.
  • Political Models: Alternative Regimes, Bureaucratic Systems, etc.
  • Celestial Themes: Colonize Planets, Extra Terrestrial Integration, etc.
  • Ecological Themes: Ecological Restoration, GHG Reduction, etc.

For example, consider the biotech lateral. There is significant anxiety in the world regarding pandemics, human engineering, and a whole host of related potential events. The author can pick any of the biotech potentiality and create fiction ranging from a world pandemic to a story of two humans caught up in this disaster, everything from action and conflict to human relationships. All story lines are based on current science and the projection of plausible futures. The options are essentially unlimited.