Features / Benefits for Book Agents

Agents spend inordinate effort and time reading query letters, manuscripts, and bios only to shake their heads in frustration. Often, the writing ranges from acceptable to good with the story line from completely unacceptable to fair. The vast range of story lines under the Near Future Genre addresses this issue.

  • Providing known quality writers with outline storyline,
  • Opens an opportunity for nonfiction authors to provide alternative futures through fiction,
  • Maintaining quality control through a set of writing rules (works well for Harlequin novels),
  • Represents a powerful marketing tool when approaching and contracting with publishers,
  • Improves working relationships with publishers,
  • Improves ability to become involved with publishers' marketing program,
  • Unique access to a large and evolving reader base,
  • Opportunity to become an e-book provider,
  • Go-to agent for a unique genre,
  • Improved contractual terms and conditions with authors and publishers, and
  • High sales potential leading to improved profitability.