Portfolio - Karl Buchner

As a science fiction writer in the near future genre, Karl Buchner has worked on a series of stories, Evolution of Humanity. The first book in this series will be available in the Fall of 2019.

Seeking Consciousness - Karl Buchner


Evolution of Humanity Series – Book 1

Henosis is the driving momentum involving the integration of humans with the next generation species. He is the bridge between current technology and new societal structures free of violence and fear through to revised political, economic and enterprise systems free of greed and power. He provides the force required for change, overcoming the crushing momentum of current entrenched structures and systems. Henosis, along with his human advisory team, take us on a multi-book journey through the survival of a human generated pandemic, diversion of a large asteroid, a nuclear war, Mars and Europa colonies, integration with a beautiful species on planet Proxima, and an AI war.